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Serving de Havilland and Scottish Aviation owners, operators and maintainers...
The original de Havilland Aircraft Company was established at Stag Lane, London, in 1920; de Havilland Support Ltd was founded in 2000 at Duxford, England, to take on design responsibility for the civil-certificated de Havilland types. The Beagle Pup and Scottish Aviation Bulldog light aeroplanes were later brought into our portfolio. We are proud to be the final iteration in a continuous progression of product support which has involved Hawker Siddeley Aviation, British Aerospace and BAE Systems.
Our efforts today focus on defect investigation, modification action, repair scheme design, and dissemination of technical data for the majority fleets of Tiger Moth, Chipmunk and Bulldog. Our community totals well over 1,000 active aeroplanes of 15 types, in daily use all over the world. All owners are invited to browse the safety information on our website and to subscribe to the appropriate level of continued airworthiness support. Our eCommerce store is part of our efforts to make obtaining parts easy, streamlined and efficient.  The range of stock will continue to be expanded over the next few months.  Your feedback is most welcome.
Bill Taylor
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de Havilland Support Ltd
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